Getty Images

Update. Test. Train. Improving a codebase, in the background.


When Getty Images needed to move their website off of an obsolete framework, they brought in Bendyworks to re-write the codebase.

Originally written entirely on a web framework that was soon to become obsolete, needed to be moved onto a new framework, Rails 3. Getty Images did not have the staff to handle this challenge while continuing work on essential, on-going projects.


Hiring Bendyworkers to tackle their migration to the new framework allowed Getty Images to continue uninterrupted on other work, while ensuring that the site would get the development time it needed.

We created extensive, cross-framework testing suites that allowed Getty Images to have complete confidence in the website’s functionality. Our presence on the project encouraged the Getty Images developers to increase their skills in Test and Behavior Driven Development.


Our efforts to get on a new framework resulted in a healthier codebase for the website, as well as much reduced load times.

During our time on the project, we helped Getty Images refine their workflows, improving their use of Storyboarding, testing, and pairing. We’re proud to have helped many of the programmers who joined Getty Images during our time there become world-class developers.

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