Murfie: Development

Play. Pause. Shuffle. Play. How the flexible development methods we use at Bendyworks helped launch from a great concept to a successful online music market.

The Problem

A local entrepreneur approached us with a rather ingenious idea: they wanted to create an online marketplace for new and used music, where music-lovers could buy, sell, and trade albums in their own online shops. And they entrusted us at Bendyworks to make it happen. The project would not only require the strict care and security that comes with e-commerce, but it also needed full custody trails for every album in the warehouse.

The Solution

As commonly happens in software development, changed their minds several times on the scope and direction of the project once we were under way—and it worked out great. Early in the project, Bendyworks was asked to halt development pending a review of Murfie’s business model. Because we charge by time and materials rather than through a fixed bid, was able to start and stop the project with complete freedom and without worrying about retooling a contract.

Once was ready to resume development, Bendyworks was able to pick up right where we both left off and continued the project with their new adjustments.

The Results

Today, boasts hundreds of thousands of discs from thousands of members. has also successfully transitioned development to an internal team as originally intended.

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