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Elm on Rails 5.1 with Webpacker

Elm, the new hotness in front-end programming, is now (almost) officially supported in Rails 5.1 via the webpacker gem. The Elm language provides strong type-checking in an immutable, functional programming language that compiles down to JavaScript...

Video Messaging in Rails

We've been working with our friends at the Chins Up Foundation to develop an innovative application connecting youth with college athletes through a pen-pal mentorship program. Recently, we were requested to add video messaging to the application...

Rails Enum is a Sharp Knife

When we say something "is a sharp knife," we mean that it is eminently valuable if used correctly, and exceptionally hazardous when wielded incorrectly or without effective training. It's similar to the Principle of Least Astonishment, but with a harmful...

AngularJS and Rails Donuts

Interested in mocking up a modern-looking interface to some data? Using AngularJS to interact with an existing Rails project makes it easy to go from a plain old CRUD app to a modern, surprisingly full-featured UI.

CRUDdy Angular Donuts

For instructive...

2014 Rails Rumble

We just completed the 2014 Rails Rumble. We built an app called Gatherings for coordinating Game and TV viewing nights with friends.

More details coming soon!

Ruby? Rails? Ruby on Rails?

This post is one in a series of blog posts that answer some of the most common questions we get from prospective and current clients. All of the posts in this series are under the Questions tag if you want to view more like this.

As a consultancy...

What can SQL do for you?

What can SQL do for you? Chris shares his thoughts on the changelog on how to take full advantage of relational databases:

Where is the place that I can look and see a coherent overview of the parts of my system? In conventional Rails, I think...

Styleguide Rails

You might as well learn it now, because you’ll be using it in 6 months. Styleguide rails is a cool gem that builds a living, breathing styleguide for your site. You can add it to your project really easily (let’s just do it right now):

gem install

OMG! Rails Rumble!

Last weekend, three Bendyworkers and a Swink-person (Swink-ee?) participated in the Rails Rumble, a competition to build a web application in just 48 hours. Rather than hacking on the backend like I usually do, I ended up almost exclusively forging...

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